Environmental Policy Statement

Managing over 35,000 acres of land across England and Scotland, we’re ever conscious of the impact our business has on the environment and the fact that we’re in a unique position to be able to deliver positive improvements. We see ourselves as responsible custodians of the land we farm and we’re committed to delivering quantifiable improvements for future generations.
This policy is targeted at all activities taking place on all our sites, including activities outsourced to contractors. We pledge to work in a way that will help prevent pollution and protect the environment through responsible stewardship of the land we manage. Specifically we will;

Comply with legislative, corporate and other relevant industry and customer requirements;

Implement controls to reduce the adverse environmental impacts arising from our business, with particular focus on:

– Water use. We will recycle water where possible.
– The use and application of agrochemicals.
– Maintaining structured soils, limiting erosion, compaction, contamination, run-off & nutrient imbalance.
– Energy use. We will set targets to drive energy use efficiencies.
– Biodiversity. We will actively promote biodiversity on our farms.
– Reducing, re-using and recycling waste.

Explore opportunities for renewable energy production.

Pioneer farming practices and techniques that minimise our impact on the environment, including furthering precision farming techniques and integrated crop management.

Establish open & effective communication on environmental issues with internal & external stakeholders. Each year we will publish our targets, and our progress towards achieving them.

Provide leadership to and work with suppliers, researchers, contractors and other stakeholders to identify measures that will make a positive contribution to the environment and to improve the sustainability of the agricultural industry as a whole.

We will regularly review our Environmental Management System at Board level and across the business. In our system we will clearly set out our standards & commitment to the environment through:

– Assigning relevant resources appropriately.
– Clearly defining roles and responsibilities, objectives and targets, ongoing monitoring and reviews.

We will regularly review this document to make sure we’re continually striving to improve our environmental performance.

Richard Quinn

Chief Executive
Farmcare Trading Limited