Internal innovation

Everyone in Farmcare is encouraged to innovate. We run Innovation Workshops dedicated to encouraging farm business innovation. They’re a place to explore and develop innovative project ideas put forward by our colleagues. A recent workshop included a visit to Jaguar Land Rover to see how innovation takes place in other industries.

Our farm sites also run their own projects and are supported in designing trials, monitoring costs/benefits and sharing the results of their trial for colleagues to learn from. Some trials include potato variety trials, looking at what cover crop mixes work on our soils, and testing zero or reduced tillage systems.

External Innovations

Collaboration is important to us and we recognise that it is an excellent way of bringing new skills and knowledge to the business and is essential to support us in tackling some of our big challenges.
We focus our research efforts on three main opportunity areas:

  • Precision Farming- utilizing technology to improve our productivity and efficiency

  • Soil and Crop Health- measuring, monitoring and improving

  • Alternative Inputs- novel control methods for where current practices are failing

Below is a taster of some of the projects we’re collaborating with other partners on: Landscapes for Wild Pollinators and Farm Wildlife project – with Buglife, Natural England and Ecotricity Crop Health and Protection Centre- lead by FERA

Key Collaborators

“We understand that to meet demands and compete on a global scale, we must continually innovate and adapt the way we farm.”