A Career in Farming? A World of Suprises

If you’re new to agriculture, it would be easy to think that life begins and ends in the field.  One of the most exciting things about working with Farmcare though, is the often very surprising elements that make up life in one of the UK’s leading agricultural businesses.

Here are just a couple of things you might not have imagined would be a part of everyday business at Farmcare:

Innovation means thinking outside agriculture


Drawing on innovation and advances from outside of the agricultural sector is crucial to the future of farming.  True to its collaborative approach, Farmcare explores how companies in different industries with similar processes innovate and future-proof their businesses.

Talking about a recent innovation session in partnership with Jaguar Land Rover, Amie Harris, head of business change at Farmcare, said:  ‘’Taking the team out of its comfort zone and into a different environment really got the creative juices flowing, as like manufacturing, farming is process-led, so there’s plenty of synergy, but instinct plays an important part too.’’

IT takes centre stage


At Farmcare, heritage farming and innovative techniques work hand in hand.   From traditional farming methods at the Herefordshire Tillington Estate, which has been farming top fruit since 1913, to Highland Court’s innovative approach to apple growing, where machines are used for pruning and picking top fruit.

Life at Farmcare is a true mix of primary agriculture and corporate elements!