Agi Szeplaki - Interview

Agi Szeplaki is a HR Assistant for Farmcare, here she shares her thoughts on working within an agricultural business.


As a fairly new member of the Farmcare team, what are your first impressions about the company and what they are like working for?  Have they changed over time?


The first impressions are very positive. I’ve only worked for large organisations in the past and I was pleasantly surprised by the family like cohesion at Farmcare, which I think gives a strong sense of belonging and commitment to everyone.

I’m also very impressed by how knowledgeable the farm managers are about their profession and how focused they are on efficiency and innovation and environmental sustainability. Farmcare has been going through a lot of exciting changes recently and I look forward to contributing to these changes.

What’s it like working in the HR function of an agricultural business?


While certain aspects of HR are very similar to other businesses, Farmcare stands out with the strong dynamics of the business and where their priorities lie. There’s a lot of focus on learning and development, on the health and safety of our colleagues and on employee engagement.  There are plenty of interesting HR projects going on at the moment, so it is a very stimulating work environment.

Can you describe what a typical week might look like?


I have not yet had a typical week and I would like to keep it that way! My role, a relatively new position, is evolving in line with the changes that the business is going through at present.

What are the biggest challenges you face?  What stretches you?


The biggest challenge would be to change the way we deal with the day-to- day activities in HR. We need to explore different options, to make sure we know exactly how to be more efficient in that area, in order to be able to add more value to the business. The aim is to become a more engaging and supportive function through personal interactions, such as regular visiting our team on the farms.