Andrew Lazenby - Interview

Andrew Lazenby, Farmcare’s operations director, on the diversity and drive to stay ahead that makes Farmcare an exciting career option for people from all backgrounds.


Andrew Lazenby

In a nutshell, what makes Farmcare an exciting company to work for from the perspective of operations director?


It’s working in an environment that’s fast paced, geographically diverse, with a team that’s facing a whole range of different opportunities and challenges.  Whilst the environment, people and challenges are diverse, it’s a really tight knit group of people, all pulling in the same direction. There’s a joint purpose and a great sense of knowledge sharing.  Since I joined Farmcare we’ve implemented some really exciting IT systems that have made it possible to make this knowledge and ideas sharing an integral part of operations.  What’s important is that we’ve had fun with it too – the Farm Manager What’s App groups, for example, where banter sits alongside best practice.

We only get one shot at life, so it’s important that we’re all enjoying what we do, whatever that is.  And honestly, I can say that I live by this ethos every day at Farmcare:  even when I don’t think I’m going to enjoy something, there’s usually something about the day that can make me smile.  Of course, my wife and I taking the dogs for a  good walk in the hills at the end of the day helps too!

What do you see as key priorities for Farmcare in 2017 and beyond?


There are a number of major priorities for the future:  from a people perspective, we need to be leading the sector to make agriculture an exciting prospect for people who haven’t considered it as a career option.  We really need people who can bring another perspective to agriculture: people who don’t think within the confines of our sector, but who draw on wider experiences to bring a fresh approach to challenges.

Added to bringing on board the right people, it’s important the we stay ahead of the increasing demand for efficiency: at Farmcare we’re constantly challenging how we do things and what we’re doing.

Staying ahead is a recurring theme for us:  and keeping ahead of advances in technology is vital too.

What do you most enjoy about your job?


It’s all about the people.  I love the diversity of the people I work with – and this diversity spans the work we do at Farmcare.  At school (many years ago now!) I was really interested in science and technology and at Farmcare we all do a little bit of everything, so in my role, there’s elements of Chemistry, biology, robotics, IT, physics….the list goes on.  It’s a cliché but there’s never a dull day.