David Edwards - Interview

In his role of environmental manager, David Edwards has been carrying out environmental auditing of farms since 2004. Here, he talks about the insights he gains from travelling across Farmcare’s nationwide estates and his biggest achievement over the last 18 months.


David Edwards

How do you split your time between office work and the great outdoors?


As well as being Farmcare’s environmental manager, I’m also farm manager at Wykeham.  I tend to split my time equally between the office and getting outside – not only at Wykeham, but on Farmcare’s estates across the country.  I really enjoy the fact that my job exposes me to ideas and good practice across all of our farms, so I can help share forward-thinking across the business.

There’s a real sense of the seasons in my job and during harvest time my focus is firmly on farming Wykeham and contract farming.  My role at Wykeham is unique – I’m the only Farmcare employee and I manage self-employed workers to carry out the farming work.  This is an interesting model as it means that we can keep costs down for clients and be really agile in reacting to changes in the economic climate as there’s no money tied up in machinery.

What’s been your biggest challenge this year?


It’s been an exciting challenge making sure everyone across the business is on board with Farmcare’s goal to be environmentally leading.  Running a ‘hearts and minds’ campaign and making sure communications have flowed, so people are continually thinking about environmental management, has been a real learning curve for me and a great reminder that every day is a school day in a career at Farmcare!

Part of my role is keeping up to date with new developments, ideas and innovations that help to reduce our impact on the environment.  This is an ongoing challenge that I’m very happy to rise to.