We specialise in combinable crops such as wheat, barley and oats. These grains are predominately used for making bread, biscuits and animal feed. We are also mass producers of oil seeds which are used for cooking and biodiesel production.

The farms and estates are in the hands of an experienced, professional team who specialise in running leading rural businesses.

What we grow





Sugar Beet



Farmcare takes a long term view of soil management including:


All our managers and staff are trained in soil management and cultivation techniques, correct use of tyres, and we use Global Positioning Systems GPS to minimise cultivations.

Land drainage

Regular maintenance of ditches and drains is given high priority and we are investing in replacing of our drainage systems to ensure best possible land quality.

Organic material

Crop residues are only removed when necessary and the majority of our farms apply organic matter to our soils as standard.

Precision farming techniques

All our fields are zoned to identify different soil types to allow us to apply the appropriate level of crop inputs.

Contract management

Contract Farm Agreements - CFA

Farmcare offers management and contracting services through CFA’s. We provide the labour, machinery, management as well as 150 years of expertise, skill and passion. The land owner or tenant would fund the variable inputs for the growing crop. A contracting fee would be agreed along with a prior charge. The remaining surplus being shared at predetermined rate between the land owner and Farmcare.

Farm Business Tenancy - FBT

Farmcare rents land through FBT’s usually between three and five year agreements. The rent is agreed for the period of the tenancy and in some agreements an additional fee is paid to reflect performance of the crop being grown.



farmcare farm

If you wish to find out further information please contact:

John Hurst

Arable Operations Manager

Farmcare Trading Ltd, Unit 8a Longside Barns, Jebb Lane, Haigh, Barnsley, S75 4BS

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