Preparation of production

12 months

9 months

6 months

12 months:

Rotation and selection of the field for planting, followed by soil testing.

9 months ahead:

Assess the seed stocks, review forecasted volumes and demand.

6 months ahead:

Land preparation begins for the potato crop.

Cultivating and planting the land

Planting 100 hectares of cropped land can take up to two weeks, with precise farming techniques and regular assessment ensures Farmcare delivers only the best quality and standards to its customers.

Protecting growing plants

Step 1:

Apply fertilizer at planting, precisely tailored to the crop and soil

Step 2:

Apply herbicide before any plants emerge

Step 3:

Protect growing plants from disease with regular applications of protective fungicides

Step 4:

Precision irrigation is applied to the crop dependant on how dry the soil is.

Checking crop development

Regular checks on crop development with precision techniques referred to as ‘yield digs’. This helps to ensure optimum size and shape of the potato we can then anticipate and forecast the crop yield in order to plan for storage.

Stopping growth

Burning down the crop at the optimum size allows sufficient time for skin ‘set’ to ensure the harvested potatoes are durable.



Harvest the crop at the end of Sept/start of Oct.


Quality checks on any damage.


100 hectares of cropped land can take around 4/5 weeks.

Within this highlight precision technique with ‘yield digs’. Regular quality checks and inspections with Langley Brook. Buying the seed before hand and in time is very important.

Packhouse stages


Boxes arrive with the tubers and are warmed to get the temperature up to 10 degrees C


If grading hasn’t been done on farm they can be graded here


Boxes are labelled and stored within temp controlled storage to keep them at the right temp


The tubers are put through the washer and inspected at QC


Dependant on the potato variety and where they are going they are sent to the packing line, packed labelled up and sealed


These then get put into shippers or bags and put on to distribution for retail/Food service

  • Traceability

  • Eficiency

  • Quality

  • Cleanliness

  • Team knowledge

  • Training


The water recycling unit outside the pack house cleans the water used to wash the tubers and is passed on to use again

Procurement stage


Managing the contracts with our robust national grower group


Plan cropping on our own Farmcare sites


Utilise the open market for the peaks and troughs demand


Potatoes are procured across the whole of the UK to ensure quality and continuity of supply to our pack houses


All products must fit our stringent quality protocols


We actively seek new and innovative growers to work with

Our customers range from; Retail, Food service, Processing, Export (Procurement stage).

If you wish to find out further information please contact:

Farmcare Trading Ltd, Unit 8a Longside Barns, Jebb Lane, Haigh, Barnsley, S75 4BS

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